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The Hopstore, Monksfield Lane, Newland, Worcester, WR13 5BB

Charles Faram Hop Academy

For trainee, new, apprentice and progressing brewers

We held our first-ever Charles Faram Hop Academy in February 2022 as another initiative to fulfil our company purpose of, “existing to help brewers create great beer”.

The academy is aimed at trainee, new, apprentice and progressing brewers to give a deeper understanding of the industry as a whole, with a main focus on hops.

„We exist to help brewers create great beer“

„A great opportunity to learn more about hop growing, processing, utilisation and trade globally.“

„An excellent day, well worth the time. a great opportunity to be able to ask all those questions that are rattling around the brewery. Key members committed their valuable time to assist brewers young and old get further insight into the world of hops. Highly recommended. „

„I would whole heartedly recommend the Academy to all in the business, the knowledge of all who gave there time as speakers and their obvious passion for the industry was impressive.“

Charles Faram technical advisors with award winning commercial brewing skills have designed a programme of seminars that contain a mix of lectures and interactive sessions to benefit rising stars of the brewing industry.

This event is an unmissable & invaluable learning experience led by our long-standing team of experts.

Dates & times

9th February 2022
Beer tasting – identifying flavours from hops, meal and a
pub tour

10th February 2022
Hop Academy day at Charles Faram, Monksfield Lane, Newland, Worcestershire, WR13 5BB

22nd June 2022
Beer tasting – identifying flavours from hops, meal and a
pub tour

23rd June 2022
Hop Academy day at Charles Faram, Monksfield Lane, Newland, Worcestershire, WR13 5BB

Hop Academy Day Programme

Arrival 08:40

09:00 – 16:30

Introduction to Charles Faram & Charles Faram Farms

Hop growing, introduction to plants & hop regions

Hop use in brewing, including hop creep

Hop breeding and development

Hop contracting and securing supply

Quality assurance

Analysis and pesticides

Saving the planet – environment, packaging & organics

Processing hops

Advanced hop products and sensory training
Learn about the use of hop products in brewing and how to use sensory training products for assessments and quality. CAUTION – This session will involve sampling beer, although in small amounts. It is not compulsory to consume the beers.

Assessing hop samples
See what the International Hop Awards judges look for and how they assess the hops.

Sampling new CF selections and discussion
Put your own hop assessing skills to the test with our new experimental variety selections.

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Charles Faram ist seit über 150 Jahren ein Hopfenlieferant und führt eine beeindruckende Auswahl an Hopfensorten, die in Vakuumkegeln oder Pellets vom Typ 90 erhältlich sind. Die verschiedenen Sorten stammen aus dem Vereinigten Königreich, Belgien, der Tschechischen Republik, Frankreich, Deutschland, Polen, Slowenien, Neuseeland und den Vereinigten Staaten. Faram bietet eine breite Palette an Aromen für alle Biersorten und -stile, von traditionellen Biersorten bis hin zu faszinierenden experimentellen Neuheiten aus dem firmeneigenen Kultur- und Entwicklungsprogramm.

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