Jester ® hops feedback

Jester ® hops feedback

We’ve used English hop varieties Olicana and Jester from CharlesFaram for our first brew. Damn, big hits of grapefruit and orange peel coming through already. Biggest hitting UK hops I’ve experienced so far.

First taste of trial number 1. Pleased with this as a starting point. Peaches on the front end, floating on smooth pillowy goodness drifting into tangy orange and grapefruit from the Olicana & Jester hops from CharlesFaram

– Trig Point Brewing

Ernest and Jester are the aroma hops in @CellarHeadBrew
’s Session Pale Ale. It really reminds me of English Bacchus wine: elderflower, passion fruit, gooseberry, lemon. Lovely expression of modern English hops and only 3.8% ABV.

– Mark Dredge

Green Hop brew number 6 today. We visited multi-award winner Mark Andrews and collected some of his Jester hops. Wonderful, aromatic with loads of hop oils. These hops will be a real pleasure to brew with.

– Ledbury Ales

A cask World Exclusive became our biggest seller yesterday. Golden Jester is EB’s latest blonde, hoppy number. Lots of English Jester hops give a less aggressive, more subtle fruity note when compared with new world varieties.

– Owl & Pussy Cat W13

Beer Showcase: PERPETUAL DAWN.

A UK hopped session pale with Harlequin, Jester, and Mystic hops.

We’re guilty of not paying enough attention to some of the hop varieties grown on these shores…

– Turning Point

This is not a traditional English IPA. It uses some new, cryo-esk versions of Jester and Olicana (UK hops). There’s still some herbal and hedgerow notes, but by Jiminy, it’s got tropical fruit as well!

– Boxcar

Brewing a Pale Ale today with lots of Jester hops. Nice and simple – Best Pale, one boil addition and a hop stand then fermented with an English ale yeast.

– Andy Parker

We love Jester. It’s one of the hops in our best seller Session Pale
– Cellar Head Brewing

This photo shows the characteristics of Charles Faram's Jester hop variety

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Charles Faram ist seit über 150 Jahren ein Hopfenlieferant und führt eine beeindruckende Auswahl an Hopfensorten, die in Vakuumkegeln oder Pellets vom Typ 90 erhältlich sind. Die verschiedenen Sorten stammen aus dem Vereinigten Königreich, Belgien, der Tschechischen Republik, Frankreich, Deutschland, Polen, Slowenien, Neuseeland und den Vereinigten Staaten. Faram bietet eine breite Palette an Aromen für alle Biersorten und -stile, von traditionellen Biersorten bis hin zu faszinierenden experimentellen Neuheiten aus dem firmeneigenen Kultur- und Entwicklungsprogramm.

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