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Register your interest in Mystic™ here

Register your interest in Mystic ™ here

This photo shows the characteristics for Charles Faram's own Mystic hop variety

With such a demand for this new hop of ours, we have decided to create a list of those interested in using Mystic ™

As it’s so young there is little acreage and so while registering doesn’t guarantee or promise supply, we know to aim for and who is waiting.

Put simply, it’s a list so that we know that you have your hand up and you know that we have a list with you on it.

For those that don’t know the process of hop development, here’s how it goes:

  1. Year 0: Create variety crosses and collect seeds.
  2. Year 1: Raising seeds and initial disease screening.
  3. Year 2: Aroma and disease assessment and selection, initial brew trial.  Venture o for all promising selections.
  4. Year 3: Propagation of plots and further disease screening
  5. Year 4: Larger scale brewing trials, further propagation for favoured plots
  6. Year 5: Planting on farms

What stage is Mystic ™ at?

Mystic ™ seedling root was planted in 2015.  It’s now at the upscale farming stage.  From here we take as many cuttings from the adult plant as we can without ruining it.  Then the next year we will do the same, and so the acreage grows.

Sometimes this can be hundreds of cuttings, but Mystic ™ is quite spindly, so we have to be more careful.

Register for Mystic ™ below

Registration is not acceptance of supply, does not guarantee or promise supply, and is not recognised as an order.

It’s purely and simply a list, so that we know that you have your hand up and you know that we have a list with you on it.